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    We have been working hard over the last few years to develop partnerships with grassroots youth organisations in West Africa. Our aim is to deliver projects tackling some of Africa’s most basic and pressing humanitarian issues. Our strategy is to raise funds from the UK and Europe to develop peer-led programmes in Africa with young people helping to educate and empower other young people.

    Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria. Africa accounts for 90% of malaria deaths worldwide. This is why we have made the fight against malaria a key target for our projects in 2014. We aim to work with youth-led organisations to deliver popular education projects through an extensive network or churches, schools and universities.

    We also plan to deliver Youth Leadership Programmes to focus on agriculture, entrepreneurship, community health and political participation. We will work with our local partner in Nigeria the CSDS (Centre for Sustainable Development Strategy) to deliver the programmes on the ground. The model will centre on delivering training sessions where young people (aged 18-30) are given strategies and resources enabling them to go out and address the key challenges in their local communities.

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    Tel: 07852 998 116
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