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    Heritage & Community
    We deliver heritage activities with young people across multi-cultural London. These projects use arts, creativity and new media to engage young people in learning about their shared heritage as multi-cultural Britons.

    Our projects aim to foster greater community cohesion by creating a better understanding of some of the lesser-known chapters of British heritage. By opening up this history we can show that London’s diverse communities have all played a part in Britain’s cultural journey and hence we all have a stake in today’s society.

    We have partnered in recent times with a number of organisations to deliver projects funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund. We hope to continue such partnerships to promote young people’s engagement in heritage, especially through cultural legacy, oral history and intergenerational activities.

    REGISTERED IN THE UK. No.07845592
    Tel: 07852 998 116
    E: info@communitybuilders.org.uk