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    Coding in Schools / MediaWorks
    Teaching basic coding skills will be compulsory for all teachers schools by September 2014.  We have developed a targeted programme of workshops that will help schools to meet this new requirement.

    Our aim is to deliver a multi-platform digital skills training to equip a next generation of professionals with the skills they need to be competitive. We intend to skill up thousands of young people across the UK, contributing to Britain’s competitiveness in an ever-changing global economy.

    By training up young people with the skills needed to create content across platforms, they will add value to their prospective employers and the businesses they establish across many industries. We will enable young people to learn how to edit films, create blogs, websites and coding language, design logos and promotional materials. These skills will all be tied together by understanding how these might be implemented in the corporate setting. 

    Media Works differs from the usual digital media courses, as we will not targeted only those who intend to become media professionals. In an increasingly digital world we will need to harness the creativity of a generation of young people who are already digital natives. The current generation of teenagers is managing huge online audiences – measuring their approval by the number of likes for their posts on Facebook. They are filming, editing and uploading their own 6-second media campaigns on Vines. Engaging with global interest groups on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are now the norm. Before reaching the age of 16 there are young people who command global audiences that even top marketing executives would be envious of.

    The Media Works programme will deliver multi-platform media skills which are broad based and transferrable. Many young people already have an impressive online footprint and are creating hugely successful viral marketing campaigns. Our aim is to transform the current generation of digital natives into digital professionals who are equipped to be competitive and add value within their chosen industries. Media Works will also look at strategies for gaining employment as well as for setting up social enterprises. The young people will also learn lessons in the etiquette, attitude and ethos needed to become a successful professional in any field.

    Our initial offering of workshops will be to schools, colleges and youth work settings to enable us to reach a wide-range of young people with these skills. We will track all those who attend and complete a programme of 10-20 workshops per academic year. Those who complete the Media Works programme will become part of an online peer-group who can network with each other and get access to opportunities. The sessions could be run after school, lunchtimes or as part of the school day. We hope to deliver some funded pilot-sessions and eventually offer the programme as a product to educational institutions as well as inviting corporate sponsors to buy in to the programme.  We will develop a pilot by the spring of 2013 in readiness for an initial roll out of the programme by Autumn 2014.

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