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    Brixton Market project: A living History
    Project Concept:

    Built in the 1870s, Brixton Market played a central role enabling the integration of the African & Caribbean peoples in Britain from 1948 to the 1990s. The market is a special and historic part of Brixton. It was one of the first markets to serve the needs of the nascent African & Caribbean communities in London and over decades has contributed to the development of multicultural Britain. Our project will reveal the history of Brixton market as a centre of food, culture, and exchange of customs. We will examine the challenges faced by these immigrant communities beginning a new life in Britain and how Brixton Market helped them to feel at home.

    We will work with local young people to capture some of the stories of the market by interviewing market traders and local people. The young people will focus on the changing face of the local community and most importantly the friendships built in this time. We will explore local archives to look for images showing the changes in the market in the years between 1948 and 1990s. We will share the information we uncover through a range of outputs including a film, website, exhibition and delivering schools workshops using accredited learning materials.

    Project Activity Outline:

    • Research Training Sessions

    • Research Sessions at Black Cultural Archives

    • Research Sessions at Minet Library: locating images and archives training

    • Oral History Digital Interview Training – including how to interview using a video camera

    • Interviews with stall holders of 30 years in Brixton market

    • Interviews with local elders groups in Lambeth about their experiences of Brixton market

    • Stall in Brixton Market taking vox pops from local people getting their memories

    • Photographic Training Sessions

    • Young people undertake a photo challenge, taking images of the market as it is today to form a contrast to how it was in yesteryear

    REGISTERED IN THE UK. No.07845592
    Tel: 07852 998 116
    E: info@communitybuilders.org.uk