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    Chess & Martial Arts Project
    Project Theme

    There is a saying that Martial Arts is training for concentration and that Chess is a training for war. The Chess and Martial Arts project took young people from the Haringey area and gave them some training in both.

    Our aim was to instill self discipline which comes from training your body and mind in martial arts. The group also gained self confidence that comes from learning martial arts – we believe that this can prevent young people from seeing carrying knives as a neccessity. There are also health benefits as training goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle.

    The young people also gained a life skill from taking part in the chess workshops as it’s an intellectual skill. Chess also gives the young people skills in decision making and strategy this has vey important underlying issues for young people as they will be getting to a stage in their lives were every descion is increasingly more important for them.

    Activity Summary

    We ran a Saturday programme of 6 half-day sessions during July-August 2011, including fruit and a sandwich lunch. 17 young people in total, aged between 7 and 13 years old, attended the sessions. All project mentors are CRB checked.

    The Chess and Martial Arts project ran in august 2011 and saw young people take part in a series of chess and martial arts workshops. Mixed Martial Arts training was provided through qualified practitioners who taught basic strikes, blocks, break falls, and forms.

    The chess workshops were delivered by advanced ranking players 1500 and above. They taught the young people basic chess moves along with chess tactics and some interesting strategies.

    The young people gained a great deal from their involvement in the programme and we have continued the programme by running an ongoing ‘Chess Master’ chess club for young people.

    For more information on this please email: info@communitybuilders.org.uk

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