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    We envision a global community that is committed to improving the life chances of those most disadvantaged. We aim to build a global community united in a vision for a better world for the younger generation. We work to create a world where tomorrow’s generation are the leaders today!


    To raise the aspirations of the youth through peer-led programmes: workshops, projects, and events. These programmes will focus on education, training, social and cultural development for young people. This will include heritage, identity, aspirational and vocational activities; as well as basic needs projects internationally


    • A focus on creating sustainable social change by elevating the mind-set of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    • Providing strong leadership in communities and being directly accountable to the young people, families and wider stakeholders we work with

    • We act on the belief that “all things are possible”; “there are no hard to reach young people – we just need to work harder to reach them” and “whatever the circumstances, still we rise”
    Community Builders is an exciting youth-led organisation. Our work initially began in South-East London running aspirational and anti-gang programmes in schools. These projects included partnership activities with Lewisham Metropolitan Police, Schools in the London Borough of Lewisham and Lewisham’s Crime Reduction Team.

    The organisation has since worked on national and regional partnership projects to engage young people in activities involving media, heritage and the arts. There is always a strong training and skills element in all projects and we always seek to create accredited outcomes for the young people as well as progression routes.

    We hope to create an organisation that can be a leading light in the youth sector. However we do not aspire to ‘big charity’ status, only to seek out sustainable ways of working to deliver on our mission. We also have a focus on supporting youth engagement, enterprise and social action in the UK and in developing nations.

    REGISTERED IN THE UK. No.07845592
    Tel: 07852 998 116
    E: info@communitybuilders.org.uk